As a Continuity Professional, I have noticed more and more organizations cutting expenses by cutting planning for disasters.

The budgets seem to be going toward Cyber Security. On first analysis this makes sense since Homeland Security beliefs are that Cyber Security is a very high possibility for a Terrorist Attack.

My concern is that companies are turning over the responsibility of Contingency Planning or Disaster Recovery Planning to less qualified employees and consultants to save money. The certifications from Disaster Recovery Institute and Business Continuity Institute do not guarantee that a person is qualified to plan, but they do imply a certain level of knowledge.

Given the reduction in training funds, I recommend that organizations set up a Learning Library for Recovery Planning. CD’s are a great tool. They are lower cost than class room training, can be used to fit within a student’s schedule, and can be replayed to review different subject areas.

My educational audio training on Business Continuity, COOP, COG and Cyber Security is available at DRII offers Continuing Education Units for the material.

Knowing how to protect and organization is important to protecting the country.