Had the privilege of working with Michael while she was working at Valley Baptist. She is very knowledgeable and excellent at her job.

Sylvia Banda
Business System Analyst – Dell

Michael is one the most intelligent people I have ever met. I witnessed Michael as both a student and a teacher. She excels and adds value at every opportunity and is joy to be around. Michael is the first person you want leading, teaching, or consulting your team.

Tanoa Kemp
Consultant at MNCL.com

Michael Redmond worked with our client throughout summer 2012. She did an excellent job. Michael is very easy to work with. She understands everyone’s goals and helps to reach them. She made my job easy and our client was very impressed with Michael’s level of expertise.

Yulia Vinnytska-Kvamme
Talent Acquisition Associate at St. Jude Medical

I first met Michael at the NYC Contingency Planning Exchange meetings more years ago than I care to remember. From those early days, she impressed me with her commitment to business continuity as well as her intensity. Michael is the consummate professional. She is a pleasure to work with and a great source of information.

Philip Jan Rothstein
Publisher at Rothstein Publishing

Michael is one the most dedicated professionals I have known. Her insights and experience bring about practical solutions which increase the preparedness capabilities of her clients.

Al Berman
DRI International

Michael is very Entrepreneurial and well-versed in all aspects of holistic BCM. She has demonstrated excellent client service and support as well as the ability to work within a team environment.

Norm Meier-FBCI
President/Owner, The Catalyst

I’ve known Michael for many years and we have worked together on several projects. I can honestly say that she is one of the most movitated people I’ve ever met. She gives everything she does 110% and somehow manages to achieve 120% (I’m sure her clients are happy about that). I would look forward to the opportunity for our respective companies to partner together on joint ventures and projects.

Michael Courton
General Manager at HCL America

I have known Ms Redmond for a number of years. In every endeavor, I have seen her work tirelessly and effectively, constantly receiving accolades from clients and team members alike. She is a true professional in all aspects and confronts tasks at hand with much success. Her classes are second to none as are her presentations to clients and professional groups. She has met and overcome any obstacles on her way to deliver all a client requires.

Harvey Betan
Business Continuity Consultant

Michael in my opinion is one of the preeminent Business Continuity professionals in the industry today. Her depth and breadth of knowledge across crisis management, emergency response, business continuation and disaster recovery is remarkable. Michael’s professionalism and attention to detail are equally impressive.

Jason Stradley
Senior Manager, Deloitte

I was the recruiter who placed Michael Redmond at Deloitte. While Michael did not have the typical consulting profile that is usually required at the Manager level for the Big 4, her expertise in the business continuity planning space, as well as her focus on business development and delivery of outstanding services to clients made her very successful in her role at Deloitte. As I recall, she was promoted rather quickly to the Sr. Manager level and continued to do well throughout her years there. I recently reconnected with Michael when I learned that one of my clients required resources with business continuity skills, and she responded quickly to the inquiry. If your organization needs to partner with a firm that provides expertise in business continuity or disaster recovery planning, you should consider evaluating Michael Redmond’s services.

Amy Fowler
Vice President – Recruiting, The Ayers Group

Michael and I worked together at a client site implementing a Disaster Recovery Program for a large client. She did thorough documentation, brought good ideas to the table, and did excellent work.

Tim Lanz
Principal, KEWL Consulting

It has been a pleasure and a privilege knowing Ms. Michael over the years. She is an inspiration and a leader. She has a real passion for helping others that is contagious and inspiring. You’ll be amazed by her knowledge and experience because she is always learning and growing. I highly recommend connecting and working with Ms. Michael.

David Sendroff
Director of Sales and Marketing, AthenaArchiver

Michael really knows her stuff! We really benefited from her organized approach and considerable expertise in the area of business continuity. Michael is also very good at explaining things to the customer which is a unique combination of skill sets that set her work apart.

Top qualities:Great Results, Expert, Creative

Michael is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. I enjoyed working on the project with her and would absolutely do so again given the opportunity.

Jim Lapointe
Owner, Colden Company Inc.

Michael’s training, experience and approach to life make for a fantastic colleague and professional. Her insight and advice is well thought out and presented. Her service to clients is impeccable. Her dedication is inspiring. I highly recommend Michael.

Paul Bull
Past Senior Manager, KPMG

Michael is knowledgeable and very dependable resource. Michael’s expertise in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery enabled us to proceed quickly in meeting our customer expectations. Michael would often step forward before being asked to get the job done. Michael’s has a wide range of skills from managing a team to being excellent individual contributor. Michael can be relied upon to meet and/or exceed challenges.

Tony Giardullo
Consultant, ITTS

Michael Redmond is a results oriented individual with a commitment to professionalism and excellence. She displays enthusiasm and passion in assisting her clients in attaining their overall goals.

John Zenko
Emigrant Savings Bank

Michael Redmond and I became acquainted via our membership and service (as founding Board members) for the NYC Chapter of the Association of Contingency Planners. Michael is well known in the business recovery field and is often engaged as a speaker and presenter.”

Peter Taylor

It was remarkable working for Michael at both KPMG and Deloitte & Touche. She is a great mentor, friend, and of course boss! If it has anything to do with Business Continuity – she is the go to person!

Jonas Samsioe
Senior Consultant , KPMG, LLP

I worked with Michael for a number of years while at Deloitte in New York. Michael was always a good mentor and role model for our team and had a never ending source of positive energy.

On a professional front, Michael clearly has the knowledge and experience to deliver quality projects. Her depth and breadth of experience are an asset and – most importantly to me – she practices what she preaches!

Chris Gould

Ms. Redmond has been one of The Contingency Planning Exchange’s most important and longtime members. As the current Executive Chair of the CPE, my role is to engage with members who help us to identify the most important risk management, operations and industry trends that we would need to feature at our meetings. Michael, who also served with me on The Chubb Alliance Group in the early 1990’s, is someone that gives back to the CPE and is depended upon to support us. We truly appreciate her contributions!

Ralph Petti
CBCP, MBCI endorsed work as Member at Contingency Planning Exchange and ACP