The risks that threaten to disrupt your organization’s daily operations and business processes are many…what’s your plan?

In addition to traditional emergencies like fires, floods, and earthquakes, other risks include cyber terrorism, computer/telecom failures, theft, employee sabotage and labor strikes. All can be very disruptive to your business. Having a dependable Business Continuity Plan (BCP) or Business Process Contingency Plan (BPCP) prepares your organization to respond to the danger of potential threats. BCPs and BPCPs consist of precautions that minimize the effects of business disruptions, mitigating financial loss and blows to customer confidence. 

Redmond Worldwide assists in creating and maintaining BCPs, BPCPs and disaster recovery plans for enterprises. In this critical role, we work with the technology and business units to identify core dependencies, processes, vital records and key contact information. As your business and technology group liaison, we develop test plans, outline objectives and implement trials to ensure successful implementation and documentation of results.

Redmond Worldwide is ready to provide you with enterprise-level business continuity plans. To begin preparing for business continuity management in your organization, contact us today for a consultation! Additionally, we offer business continuity management training that may be purchased to guide your organization.