We can help you maintain and test/exercise your Continuity, Emergency, Crisis and/or Information and Physical Security Plans through the use of simulated Table Top Tests, because Redmond Worldwide is one of the most experienced professional service firms in all areas of Enterprise Risk.

Purpose: Maintaining/Testing and Exercising Plans

Because Redmond Worldwide consultants have assisted many Fortune 500 companies, Government Agencies, Military Agencies and worldwide with maintaining and exercising their Continuity and Security Plans. As a result we have a wealth of accumulated knowledge and a team of experienced professionals to assist you.

Which means to you, that you will have assistance with all aspects of your Continuity / Security exercise, including: establishing the program, determining the requirements, developing realistic scenarios, creating a schedule, defining the objectives, establishing evaluation criteria, conducting and managing the exercise, documenting the findings and preparing the control plan and post-exercise reports

And what that really means is that you will achieve a degree of comfort knowing that in the event of a real disaster or disruption, your Continuity/ Security Plans will prove effective.

How Redmond Worldwide can assist you:

  • Pre-plan the Exercises
  • Coordinate the Exercises
  • Evaluate the Exercise Plan
  • Exercise the Plans
  • Document the Results
  • Evaluate the Results
  • Update the Plan
  • Report Results/Evaluation to Management
  • Understand Strategic Directions of the Business
  • Attend Strategic Planning Meetings
  • Coordinate Plan Maintenance
  • Assist in Establishing an Audit Program for the Test and Continuity Plan

Redmond Worldwide’s process includes:

  • Evaluation of site documents, plans, procedures, organizational charts, past exercise scenarios, past exercise evaluation reports, and other related site recovery /emergency management information
  • Development of  tabletop performance test purpose and scope
  • Review with management and the validation of, and concurrence with, the tabletop performance test objectives, with special attention to ensure that terminology and references are accurate
  • Preparation  of the tabletop scenarios
  • Preparation of the development of the tabletop timeline, and message injects
  • Supply persons to simulate other organizations if deemed appropriate for tabletop
  • Conduct or facilitation of the tabletop performance test
  • Validation of the findings to ensure that they accurately reflect the organizations recovery/emergency management capabilities

Evaluation Guidance

The purpose of the test should not be to test one areas performance but rather to obtain data on the capability (training, supporting tools, procedures). Therefore, any performance problems should be evaluated to determine possible causes of the problem. For instance, the root cause might be a lack of training or insufficient procedural guidance.

Performance Testing

Validation of performance testing begins with the development of the objectives when expectations for the performance test results are developed. Redmond Worldwide ensures that the expectations are reasonable. Following the performance test, Redmond Worldwide discusses the results of the performance tests to the team