Redmond Worldwide can help you develop or improve your Disaster Recovery (DR) Programs.

Disaster Recovery planning includes planning for resumption of applications, data, hardware, electronic communications (such as networking) and other IT infrastructure.

Data Center

  • We can conduct your Risk Assessment and Impact Analysis
  • We can develop your:
    • Application Recovery Plans
    • Database Recovery Plans
    • Server Recovery Plans
    • DR Tests and Exercises
  • We can conduct Internal Audits of your DR Program

Redmond Worldwide assists in creating and maintaining the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans within the enterprise. In this critical role, we work with technology and the business units in identifying core dependencies and processes, as well as identifying vital records and key contact information. We establish and coordinate the methodology a for offsite recovery including identifying equipment requirements and essential personnel. As your liaison with the business groups and the technology group, we develop test plans and outline the objectives, ensuring the successful implementation and testing of the plans and documenting the results.

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