As a global firm, our consultants have created Security and Continuity Plan awareness and training programs for many Fortune 500 companies worldwide. We can help you to create your Awareness and Training Programs because we are one of the most experienced professional service firms in this area. 

We identify of specific training objectives, in addition to thorough training and awareness programs that will help to educate all levels of your entity about your Security and Continuity Plans. Your employees will know what to do in the event of a disaster or disruption and you will have a transformation of your Security and Continuity Plans into a live, working document instead of a document no one has read. Creating plans is a piece of the Enterprise Risk Management puzzle. Without adequate employee awareness and training, a program is virtually useless in the stressful moments following a disaster.

An awareness and training program must support an organization’s business goals and meet applicable regulatory requirements. It must also be soundly based upon due diligence in meeting legislated requirements, organizational policies, and business goals. Information security, privacy actions, and continuity are key components to continued operation. It is critical for entities to support these risk areas through a truly effective education program.

Organizations must not only ensure compliance to regulatory issues (including, but not limited to: HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and so many others, but also effectively communicate policy and regulatory issues to the organization. Training and awareness programs are needed to ensure that everyone knows the risks of non-compliance with not only regulations, but also with their own published policies. Organizations cannot have a successful awareness and training program if personnel do not understand the impacts and consequences of noncompliance. Information privacy officers, information security officers, compliance officers, risk officers, internal auditors, and information security and privacy leaders must understand how to most effectively communicate policy and regulatory requirements to support compliance. A successful program depends upon executive endorsement and appropriately motivating personnel to incorporate security, privacy and contingency activities into their job responsibilities.

When you work with us, you will experience added values in this area, specifically, you will:

  • Learn laws and regulations that require training and awareness for compliance
  • Develop a business case to build a compliance-based training and awareness program
  • Set organizational education goals and objectives
  • Identify weaknesses within current security, privacy and continuity awareness and training programs
  • Develop a work plan to launch a compliance-based education program
  • Identify target groups and effective training and awareness methods
  • Key components in a successful compliance-based program
  • Learn to evaluate the effectiveness of your training and awareness program