Redmond Worldwide understands the physical threats facing today’s businesses. Redmond Worldwide is a leader in physical security threat assessments. Physical security assessments include evaluations of security requirements, including threats and vulnerabilities, policies and procedures, personnel response, mechanical and electronic security measures, access control, employment of closed circuit television, alarm systems and other measures necessary to ensure detection, assessment, response, delay, and neutralization of potential adversaries. Redmond Worldwide can assist property owners and architectural and engineering firms to define physical security requirements and specify physical security solutions.

The scope of services includes conducting physical security surveys and inspections of facilities to determine if areas meet acceptable standards for the safeguarding of life, property, assets and proprietary materials.

We can meet your Physical Security Risk Needs for evaluation and implementation. We have experience in securing information networks, protecting physical facilities, and helping ensure business continuity. Our reviews are conducted by experiences professionals with certifications in Physical Security, Homeland Security and Business Continuity. Our reviews include mitigation evaluation and recommendation for Risk areas to include:

  • Access Control
  • Alarm Systems
  • Emergency Management
  • Investigation
  • Surveillance

Through our partner firm we can also provide a wide range of security solutions including Executive Protection, Armed Guards, Event Security, Counter-terrorism, IP Surveillance and other physical security solutions.